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  • How long will the adoption process take?
    It depends. Sometimes we are able to get ahold of vets and references quickly and other times it takes us a longer. Sometimes things come up that warrant our full attention and it takes us a bit longer to get through an application. Plus, life comes up and we have to pay attention to that, too. We are a volunteer based rescue, please be patient!
  • Can I meet the dog before I fill out an application?
    We are a foster based rescue so, in respect for our fosters’ time we require an application to be approved before setting up a meeting with a prospective adopter.
  • Can I adopt from out of state?
    We adopt to homes that are within a four hour radius of one of our Board members who live in Seattle and Tri-Cities, WA. This includes all of Washington State as well as parts of Canada, Oregon and Idaho. We do not fly our dogs to adopters and all adopters must travel to the dog’s foster home to adopt.
  • Can I adopt a dog to be a service animal?
    Unfortunately, no. We are not qualified to determine if a dog has the traits needed to become a good service animal, be it an emotional support animal or a dog trained to perform certain tasks for individuals with disabilities. We do not want to put our dogs in situations for which they are not qualified.
  • Can I put a deposit or a hold on a dog?
    We do not take deposits or hold dogs for potential adopters. Because we are a foster based rescue, we can only save the dogs that we have open foster homes for so if a dog has a family to go to, we want it to start its new life so we can save the next dog that is waiting for us in the shelter.
  • Where do the dogs come from?
    Most of the dogs in our rescue come from Washington State shelters, the majority coming from Eastern Washington. Some of our dogs are owner surrenders that come from homes that can no longer keep the dog or were in a bad situation.
  • What happens if the dog isn't a good fit?
    Our policy states that if an adult dog isn’t a good fit and it is within the first two weeks of the adoption, the adopter will return the dog and their adoption fee will be refunded. If a puppy is adopted or it is beyond the two week trial period for an adult dog, we require the dog comes back to so we can rehome them. We commit to our dogs for life and will want to make sure their next home meets our standards.
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