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Who we are

Forgotten Dogs Rescue is a volunteer and foster home based rescue organization focused on saving Pit Bull type dogs.  Located in Washington State, we are a 501c3 non-profit and have been saving animals since 2011. We are dedicated to rescuing homeless and abandoned dogs who are in Washington's shelters, surrendered by their owners due to difficult circumstances or are in danger of abuse or neglect.


We save the dogs that need help the most, the dogs whose time has run out, the dogs who have lost all hope — the forgotten dogs.


Who we Rescue

Dogs are abandoned at shelters and by owners through no fault of their own. Although there are dogs of all types in our state shelters, we focus primarily on larger bully breed dogs like Pit Bulls. There are more Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes in shelters than any other type of dog and they are in the most danger of being euthanized. They suffer from discrimination, misrepresentation and misunderstanding. We chose to focus on Pit Bulls because they need our help the most.

Our Commitment

Once a dog becomes part of Forgotten Dogs Rescue, we are committed to it for life. While in our care, our dogs live in private foster homes where they receive love and attention and learn to be wonderful members of the family. 


While with us, the dogs receive all necessary medical care — no matter the cost — and behavioral issues are addressed. While we work hard to ensure all adoptions are set up for success, sometimes things don’t work out. In these cases, we require all dogs who were once in our care to come back to us. Once an FDR dog, always an FDR dog. And we mean it.


We make a promise to all of our dogs that they will never be forgotten again. While some of our dogs may have had sad beginnings, we make sure the rest of their life is full of health and happiness. All dogs should be better for having been part of Forgotten Dogs Rescue and the minute they are welcomed into the rescue, they become our family.

Thank you to the following organizations for providing life saving grants. 

We couldn't do the work we do without your generosity


Community partners

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