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Adoption Process

Step 1: Find a dog

All of our adoptable dogs are listed on Petfinder and on our Facebook page.  Please read the full bio of any dog you are interested in to determine if a particular dog is the right fit for your family.

Step 2:  Submit an application

Our application allows us to see what you’re looking for in a dog and will help us pair you with the right companion that will fit your home and lifestyle.


Our number one priority is to find homes that are the best match for the dogs in our rescue and the adopters who choose to work with us. We are not a “first come, first serve” rescue but, will work with adopters to find the dog that is the right fit for them.


Please be thorough, honest and forthcoming in your answers on the application, this will help us find the pup that is the right fit for you. Also, please submit a complete application with all questions answered.


Once we receive your completed application, we will review it and contact you if we have any immediate questions or concerns.

Step 3: Reference calls are made

Once our initial review process is complete, we will call current and/or previous veterinarians and your personal references. Please note that we need at least three personal references and only one can be a family member or someone that is currently in your household. If you are a renter, we will also call your landlord to make sure they are in alignment with the adoption and to answer any questions they may have.


Please let your references know we will be calling them.

Step 4: Home visit is done

Once all of the calls have been made and if things are sounding good, we will schedule a home visit where one of our board members or volunteers will meet with you to get a tour of your home and get a better understanding of your daily routine and the environment. During this time, we will also discuss available dogs and who we think might be the best fit for the adopter’s family. We ask that all members of the household be present for the home visit.


It is possible to be an approved adopter, but not be the right fit for the dog applied for. In those cases, we will recommend a dog that would be a better fit for your home. We try to let applicants know sooner rather than later if we determine this is the case.

Step 5: Connect with Foster

If your application is approved and we feel we have found the right match, we will connect you with the foster(s) so you can ask detailed questions and arrange a visit.


Our fosters know our adoptable dogs better than anyone so, we encourage you to ask any and all questions about the dog to ensure a good fit for your home.

Step 6: Meet with the foster family and the pup

Once connected with the foster, a meeting will be arranged with the foster and your potential new pup. We will help determine the best circumstances for the meet up depending on other animals in the home, the location of the foster and any other factors needing to be considered to set up a successful meeting with your potential new family member.  

Step 7: Become a forever home!

If a successful match has been made, we will finalize all adoption paperwork including signing of our adoption contract and payment of the adoption fee.   


If you are adopting an adult dog, there is a two week trial period at the start of any adoption.If it is determined the pup is not the right fit during these two weeks, we will ask you to bring the dog back to us and we will refund the adoption fee.


If you are adopting a puppy, there is no trial period.


If, at any time during the dog’s life, an adopter is not able or willing to keep the dog as part of their family, we require that the dog comes back to us.We make a lifelong commitment to our dogs and we stand by the commitment. This requirement is also stated in our contract.

Step 8: Have fun!

Congratulations, you are a pup parent!

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