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Benefits of fostering

Fostering save lives.

More foster homes mean more dogs saved as we can only save the number of dogs for which we have open foster homes. More fosters mean more dogs saved. More dogs saved is good!


Fostering provides the opportunity for companionship without a lifetime commitment.

Not ready to have a dog forever or make the financial commitment required to adopt a dog?Fostering is perfect! Forgotten Dogs Rescue provides all food, equipment and other supplies and covers all medical care. Fosters provide love, care and basic training.


Fostering increases the likelihood of adoption and dramatically reduces the chances of an animal being returned.

Because the rescue dog has already lived in a home and learned what it means to be a family dog, the transition to a new home will be easier for the dog and the adopter. That couch time with a foster pays off!


Fostering is a great way to learn.

Through fostering, you will learn about dog behavior and the knowledge you gain will benefit other animals in your life, even if you don’t end up fostering again.


Fostering provides great practice in compassion, nurturing, and generosity and it’s a wonderful, life-affirming experience for an entire family, a couple, or a single individual.

It can provide children in the home an opportunity to learn about responsibility and what it means to care for animals. Plus, snuggles.


Fostering is a partnership with us as well as with our other fosters, trainers, supporters and adopters.

When you become a foster for us, you become part of our community. We all work together to give our dogs the best life and we will all learn and grow as we work together.

Fostering builds families.

You undoubtedly will get attached to your foster dog but, seeing them leave your house and go on to live an amazing life with a carefully selected adopter is the payoff for all of the work we have done together to help a dog in need. And, of course, your next foster is ready and waiting for you at the shelter!

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